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What is yellow Xanax, and is it similar to yellow football Xanax?

The primary aim of yellow Xanax and yellow football Xanax is treating and curing the anxiety, stress, and panic disorder with unique capability and strength. Yellow Xanax and yellow football Xanax belong to the same drug class, which is benzodiazepine. Yellow Xanax has a rectangle shape and has imprint R 093, and yellow football Xanax has an oval shape and has imprint S 901.


Yellow Xanax is using to cure anxiety and stress levels by delivering calming effects in the brain to reduce the unhealthy pressure level. Doctors mainly recommend yellow Xanax to adults. Yellow Xanax is available in different strengths and dosages. The dosage and intensity may vary from patient to patient due to their medical status.

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What precautions need to follow with yellow Xanax?

Dosage and age- yellow Xanax cannot use by those who are less than 18 because this is made to treat anxiety and stress in adults. If you are under 18 and still using so, you may face several brain issues with yellow Xanax.


Alcohol and other drugs- you should be careful while taking the yellow Xanax. If you are making a drink so you should avoid the use of yellow Xanax because it may cause your liver issue. Other drugs may interact with yellow Xanax, so you should skip the use of other medications while taking yellow Xanax.

Pregnancy and nursing period- you should skip the use of yellow Xanax, yellow football, and purple Xanax in the phase of pregnancy and nursing. Many cases are noticed with the yellow Xanax in the USA of death in an unborn child during pregnancy.


What are the usual side effects?

You may find given below common side effects with the use of yellow Xanax-

  • Constipation
  • Cloudy urine
  • Unhealthy digestion
  • Fever and cough

Where to buy yellow Xanax online?

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